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Re: ADMIN: list statistics

Use of PGP—statistics from the public key servers

Re: ditz in office

low-overhead encrypted telnet

brainstorming on cpunks’ eve

Re: spyproofing your house/work building

Pondering Clipper

Parker on Clipper

personal manifesto (comments appreciated)

Ames/ clipper compromised?

the value of money

RJR and the supression of research

Virtual Cash

Re: Lobbying/Politics/etc.

Keyserver service outage

Re: away from my mail (fwd)

State Dept Response to my second CJ request

PGP 2.5 Beta Release Over, PGP 2.6 to be released next week

How to make fixes stick (Was Re: PGP 2.5 Beta Release Over, PGP 2.6 to be released next week)

Re: PGP outside the US

Re: AOL for Acronym OverLoading

MIT has released PGP 2.6

compatibility with future PGP


Re: New MacPGP2.3a has arrived.

FEDGOVT> OTA Report - Electronic Commerce - via ftp (fwd)

Re: News Flash: Clipper Bug?

more info from talk at MIT yesterday.

Black Eye for NSA, NIST, and Denning

No Subject

Re: Cypherpunks’ mail database does exist (fwd)

Hardware generators was: your mail

PGP is Product of the Week

Devil’s Advocate (again)


Windows for Workgroups 3.11

Re: Windows for Workgroups 3.11

Question: Key Distr. in realtimeo applications?

Re: Question: Key Distr. in realtimeo applications?

Request: tamper-proofing executables

Re: Idle question…

Re: Gov’t eyes public-key infrastructure

Raytheon as Big Brother, Inc.

clipper and export

XSPLIT now own

Cryptosplit note

Re: Just say NYET to kneejerking

What kind of encryption to incorporate?

Re: Labeling Usenet articles.

Re: Philadelphia Enquirer Story on Clipper

Re: Remailer ideas (Was: Re: Latency vs. Reordering)

Re: RemailerNet

Digicash address?

*credit info

Offline reading

(fwd) I won’t be renewing my EFF membership

Seeking Clipper/Telephone Cost Estimates

POST:Gaining ISDN Privacy with data encryption

Cray contract info

any documents about crypto history online?

Anonymous questionnaires

Re: Anonymous questionnaires

Re: In Search of Genuine DigiCash

Re: Cyberspatial governments?

Re: Bad govt represents bad people?

Reputation Capital papers?

Re: AIDs testing and privacy

digital reputation capital

Quick item re cellular encryption

Reputation credits 1/3

reputation credit 2/3

reputation credit 3/3


Re: Running PGP on Netcom (and Similar)

“Packet Sniffers”

Is cypherpunks archived somewhere?

Re: Virtual assasins and lethal remailers

(fwd) “Will You Be a Terrorist?”

Re: [CyberCash Media hype]

Re: Laws Outside the U.S.

Mandatory email verification

Viacrypt PGP for Windows

Bill of Rights

Re: Electronic Revolution and Guerilla Warfare?

Friendly, neighborhood NSA…

Richard Stallman of GNU on Tcl

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-pppext-encryption-00.txt (fwd)

Anonymous methods, WRT first shots at CMU

Cell Phones Security??

Guerrilla Remailers

White Knight Remailers [was: Guerrilla Remailers]

PGP Enhanced Messaging (PEM)

Stego paper

PGP hook for Eudora?

FYI: Eudora and PGP

public accounts / PGP / passphrases

Re: First Virtual?

Well now that we’re signing…

fixed code


Re: (Fwd) Read this, Virus info!!

Breaking the NSA


Re: Broadcasts - Bandwidth Problem ?

Re: Clarification of my remarks about Netscape

Authentication vs encryption: CPs on the web

Re: IPSP and Netscape

Winsock & PGP Integration

Emergency! Need single use passwords!

NAS Crypto study

QUERY: S/Keyish PGP?

Re: Doomsaying, development, and deployment

c’punks top 5

Re: c’punks top 5

Re: Moving from 1024-bit -> 2048-bit key.

Milton on CSPAN

Why I have a 512 bit PGP key

Morality masks technical ignorance

rfcs 1750 & 1751

Re: Morality masks technical ignorance

The Code Breaker’s Work Bench?

Re: Remailer Abuse

A Fire Upon the Deep


RSA Licenses Commercial Distribution Rights to RSAREF (URLs to PressRelease)

procmail: another question

time stamping service (again)

Some PGP problems

2 announcements of possible interest

Re: Key backup (was: How do I know . ..)

Lance Rose writes anti-cryptoanarchy in WIRED

T.A.Z. on Disk

Re: traffic analyzing Chaum’s digital mix

Re: Why emoney? Why not a web of debt?

data charge


“Subway” remailers

anonymous mailing

Why encrypt intra-remailernet.

Better living through `procmail’

Re: Better living through better `procmail’

Fundamental Question?

How much entropy in a key press?

The SKRONK protocols (version 0.6)

MD5 coding

CIAC Bulletin F-10: HP-UX Remote Watch

Re: skronk

Wiretaps & terrorism

Factoring - State of the Art and Predictions

Down with ITAR - Have YOU exported PGP today? (fwd)

Re: Don’t trust the net too much

Re: FW: Edupage 7/9/95 (fwd)

Re: FW: Edupage 7/9/95 (fwd)

DefCon roomshare?

def’n of “computer network”

Fight, or Roll Over?

We appear…

Govt mandated key

Re: TIME pathfinder registration

“Hey Phil! Stop telling people not to use PGP!” (plus: “help me with my PGP problems!”)

Netscape the Big Win

big word listing

Re: big word listing

Re: NRC panel wants questions for Law Enforcement on crypto policy

Re: RC4

Java, Netscape, OpenDoc, and Babel

Re: Commercial killers

Re: Object Oriented Crypto API


SSLeay - Whats the story…

Re: Triple-DES controlled?

IPSEC goes to RFC


Re: An article for Wired magazine

Another SSL breakage…

Third World Man

Random Hiss from Mac mike

Crypto ‘95

Re: SSLRef (SSLtelnet)

Re: Non-US SSL128 site

Collection of personal info

question about reputation


Whitehouse “dissident” web site monitoring?

Re: NSA on GAK

RE: Commercial Mixmaster

Netscpae & Fortezza (Or, say it Ain’t so, Jeff?)