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Re: Full Strength Stronghold 2.0 Released Worldwide

Re: Insults about Vulis

War & InfoWar

Re: War & InfoWar

Vlad-smear blows himself…

Re: `careerpunks’

Re: Anonymous Remailers

Re: Just Say “No” to Congress

Re: I Treat All My Enemies Equally

The Bell Plan

Rogue Key Warning

Re: The Natives Are Getting Restless

Re: court order required for keys?

Two Birds With One Stone / Re: Keepers of the keys

Tim 1 - Joichi 0 - DreamMonger NULL / Re: Joichi gives up / Tim Throws a “Leaner” / Re: Tim Speaks the

The World’s Fastest Crypto Teacher

Stay issued; modified stay to follow

Update on “news rating,” Internet Content Coal mtg, from Netly (fwd)

Re: hello

Re: Information

FBI calls for mandatory key escrow; Denning on export ctrls

Death of Privacy / Was: Di Privacy, Die!

Di Privacy, Die / Was: Death of Privacy

New GAK Bill


Mandatory key escrow bill text, backed by FBI

Starting Date of the Digital Revolution

Cpunks War Dance, Feinstein Hari-Kari

The future of Digital (Ouch!) Implants

Texas CypherPunks Take Up Arms!

Oxygen Escrow (Government Regulations soon to be announced!)

4 Horsemen - 1 Child Citizen - 0 / (Where are Lous Freeh and Janet Reno when you really need them?)

InfoWar (The True Story of the InterNet / Part III)

InfoWar (2) / Part III of The True Story of the InterNet

Info please

More on House Intelligence committee amendment on crypto


Re: in defense of Lon Horiuchi

InfoWar 17 / TEXT

InfoWar 17 (Part III of ‘The True Story of the InterNet’)

I`m back ;-)…

encouraging digital pseudonyms

Moderation Revisionism (Try to forget!)

New PGP “Everything the FBI ever dreamed of”


ViaCrypt Fires Tim C. May


Where is my blowjob?

Re: [RePol] First Post!

InfoWar Epilogue 2 / TEXT

InfoWar Epilogue 2 (Part III of ‘The True Story of the InterNet’)

Re: Stronghold

CMR paves the road to GAK, and provides no corporate security.

Re: Security flaw in PGPverify of INN (fwd)

Re: Security flaws introduced by “other readers” in CMR

Rules of Engagement on Video

proposal: commercial data recovery

Re: Security flaws introduced by “other readers” in CMR

Re: Is PGP still private?

InfoWar Epilogue 5 / TEXT

InfoWar Epilogue 5 (Part III of ‘The True Story of the InterNet’)

Re: PGP, Inc.–What were they thinking?

Declan speaks out on NAMBLA and TIME

Elliptic Curves

Re: Office of the Secretary of Defense vs the First Amendment (fwd)

Buttfucking Bad BillyG

Re: Singaporean control freaks & CMR (Re: puff pieces vs tough crypto issues)

Infastructure Protection and Paranoia

Tim’s worst nightmare.,..

Search warrants and Senate hearing on medical privacy

Roby latest

Re: (off-topic–delete now) Re: Search warrants and Senate hearing o

William Louis Pol J. Pot speaks…

Self-proclaimed judge and jury.

6 weeks in jail for carrying vitamins [CNN]

democracy?! (Re: Terrorism is a NON-THREAT (fwd)) (fwd)

No Subject

Re: democracy?! (Re: Terrorism is a NON-THREAT

Got an IRS horror story?

Vote for Nym C. May!

Vote for the TruthMonger of your choice…but VOTE!

Vote CypherPunk!

Proof that Free Market Works!

Vote Carol Anne Cypherpunk!

CypherPunk HMO / Dr. Vulis & Dr. Grubor Presiding…

From Russia, With Love (WAS: Why is the Commander in Chief always the last to know?) (WAS: Weekday Workers–Weekend Terrorists] (NEVER WAS: Right…like I’m going to use my real name…)

Vote for Pat Robertson!

FBI Provides Soft Target List! (WAS: Suitcase packed, and nowhere to go…)

re: Speech as co-conspiring? I don’t think so.

Why porn must be stopped at all costs, by Jodi Hoffman

I Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

Re: Why porn must be stopped at all costs, by Jodi Hoffman

Re: Why porn must be stopped at all costs, by Jodi Hoffman

Re: [SURVEY try again] pgp5.x / pgp2.x users

Re: ANNOUNCE: New Remailer -

Return of the Living Zundel, from The Netly News

E-Peso’s for tractors - McCaffrey on banking

Judge’s First InterNet Decision!!!

New WorldCom Order

“Lynch mob mentality” at Senate violent music hearing

Washington Post on dangers of self-censorship for the Net

UN Conference - Limits on Internet speech [CNN]

1st Ammendment Tossed in Paladin Case


FTC, Canada, Mexico officials launch “health claim surf day”

Re: CDA: The Sequel – introduced in the U.S. Senate

Tim May’s offensive racism (was: about RC4)

Microsoft World 1.0 from the Netly News (and a funny response)

Re: Br’er Tim and the Bug Hole

Yeah, but you can do anything with statistics… / WAS: Troublemaking Bleeding Heart Liberals

A Leaner’s as good as a Ringer! / WAS: Asleep on Crime

Re: TWA FLIGHT 800 (Subject matter - Terrorism)

Re: Victory for Microbroadcasting

Progressive Government Programs That WORK!!!

Re: Tim May’s offensive racism (was: about RC4)

True Identities of Monty Cantsin and Anonymous Exposed!!!

Clinton on Forces of Destruction and Illicit Arms

Mail interception

InfoWarriors - Alpha / TEXT

InfoWarriors - Alpha

Re: Tim May’s offensive racism (was: about RC4)

Mission:Critical and Informal Fallacies

Re: [cpe:4537] Tim May’s defensive racism (was: about RC9) (fwd)

Re: You’re Dead

How anonymous?

Re: [cpe:4537] Tim May’s defensive racism (was: about RC9) (fwd)

Re: [cpj:250] (fwd) I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-openpgp-formats-00.txt

While we waste our time discussing crypto issues…

But will it work for Congress?

But, do they insure Japenese CypherPunks…?

Glad I could clear that up for everyone…

Password Snarfing

Dateline / Nov. 18/97

It seemed like a good idea at the time…

Re: Mad as Hell

Re: Report on UN conference on Internet and racism

Finger Narcs

Personal use crypto export

Nonookie Masturbatshi beats Dimitri’s time with the ‘babes’…

Further Costs of War


Despite the efforts of the CDT to work out a compromise…

Good recent books on encryption, privacy, etc.?

police state rumors

Re: Br’er Tim and the Bug Hole

Re: Report on UN conference on Internet and racism

Violence and Depravity

internet access monitored and censored

The Subliminal Algebra-Seinfield Conspiracy

Jim Bell’s Sentencing Delayed Again

Tampa Pirate Radio Stations Silenced

Re: Alternative Apology

Klaas Foundation 1998 Tour

Re: Clinton Sells Arlington Burials (fwd)

Tough Love


Re: Russ Alberry/CAUCE vs. the Cypherpunks (was: Re: RESULT:

Scientology war update

Fear & Gloating in Tennessee

Put it where the SUN don’t shine…

Re: Iraq and computers

Re: Copyrights and Wrongs, from The Netly News

NEW TRAVEL INFO – Togo (fwd)

Swedish policy paper on key/message escrow

Re: BXA denies my administrative appeal


Protecting America’s Infrastructures



Naked Stealth

Re: [RePol] Denizen

Re: Further costs of war (fwd)

Robinson CypherPunk

At night, the ice weasels come…

it ain’t BLUE anymore!

If you fought to defend your country…

If it saves the life of one non-Iraqian child…


Re: Is Tim May guilty of illegally advocating revolution?

Re: Pasting in From:

anon remailer

Bad Cop, Worse Cop / Bum and Bummer / Re: CDT and the Threat of Gov’t Intervention

Censorial leftists (Was: Interesting article)

Superdistribution development/release

Censorware Summit 2.0, from The Netly News

Man-in-the-Middle Chicken Attacks

Re: Transcript of Gore’s remarks at “Censorware Summit”

Janet Reno warns of “lawlessness on the Internet”

RE: Re: Censorial leftists (Was: Interesting article)

Re: Locked Up and Barred From Net

Slaughterhouse 7

Re: Singapore

I’m going to count to ten…


Corporate Children

Will New Sendmail Block Remailers?

CNN - DeathMonger

Why no one has ever seen Toto and L.M. Boyd together… / [Fwd: L.M. Boyd E-mail Sampler Discontinued]

Guilty by definition…

Dudley DoRightMonger Driven From Home By Armed Thugs?

Please let Dudley sleep under your roof for a while…

Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse