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Re: NetScape’s dependence upon RSA down for the count!

Re: NetScape’s dependence upon RSA down for the count!

MITM attacks, the day after …

Re: NetScape’s dependence upon RSA down for the count!

Re: Netscape rewards are an insult

A “Warning Banner” for Netscape Navigator? Good idea!

Fred Cohen: Re: CFS and Linux

Re: CFS and Linux

Only accepting e-mail from known parties

Employer Probing Precedents?

Novel use of Usenet and remailers to mailbomb from

Re: A weakness in PGP signatures, and a suggested solution

Nym use in the real world

The Big Lie

free speach and the government

NSA net trolling

Re: NSA net trolling

Diffie-Hellman parameters

Re: A brief comparison of email encryption protocols

Article on PGP Viacrypt

Cypherpunks Death Penalty for “take me of” messages?

[Fwd: Doubleclick]

Re: [Fwd: Doubleclick]

Chancellor Group (symbol = CHAG)

Can’t block caller ID in Massachusetts?

“privatizing” phones?

Re: Anonymous Web Services Inc.

Feinstein wants controls on Internet, Books

Netscape Security Lies

Real or Not ?

SCO giving free licenses to UNIX OpenServer

Re: MSIE cryptography

Can you trust your ISP ??

Re: 56 kbps modems

PGP in the workplace

A Bizarre Increase in the Ad Hominems Here

cypherpunk listserve usefulness

Re: CIA web site hacked

How’s the list?

Snooping ISP admin??

Possible snake oil?

ssh - How widely used?

How might new GAK be enforced?

Utah as a Religious Police State

Did Sun get a sweetheart deal?

Clipper III questions

gack vs. key escrow vs. key recovery

Re: EUB_low

Re: Anonymous E-mail

Why not PGP?

considering internet/privacy periodical

Re: Dr. Vulis is not on cypherpunks any more

WebTV a “munition”

Q.E.D |= Montgolfiering + Inbongis + Fermented Pear Juice

Re: IPG Algorith Broken!

Re: Ignoramus Chewed-Off on IPG algorithm


more IPG and random numbers

Ping of Death?


Re: Ebonics

Re: Legality of requiring credit cards?

The ‘Thot Police’


Re: Unix Passwd (fwd)

Hardening lists against spam attacks

Sandy and I will run a cypherpunks “moderation” experiment in Jan

Re: IWD_ism

Key Escrow Good, GAK Bad

IMPORTANT: Additional information about UDCM.

A vote of confidence for Sandy

Newt’s phone calls

Re: Newt’s phone calls

Re: Newt’s phone calls

Re: Server Authentication

Re: Airport security [no such thing]

Re: Airport security [no such thing]

Re: Altavista

Re: Altavista

Re: Key Security Question

Re: Key Security Question

Metzger, Denninger square off

Re: Metzger, Denninger square off

DESCHALL v0.214 now available – US/Canada only

Jackboots in Canada

Is this snake-oil?

Internet security code said vulnerable to hackers

Politics This Week [Tamper Proof Device?]

Re: anonymous credit

Staale & Elm

Re: `careerpunks’

Re: referers and W3 (fwd)

Jim Bell 2

Rotenberg as the Uber Enemy

With friends like these…

Impact of Netscape kernel holeImpact of Netscape kernel hole

CNN - Encryption bill expected to pass House - June 23, 1997

All Tomorrow’s Parties – CDA II – from the Netly News

Re: Bomb-making instructions….

Interesting Supreme Court decision on Brady Bill at

Jim Bell reference

Recreational pharmaceuticals by genetic engineering

Electronic commerce has long way to go

The Real Plan: Making the Net Safe for Censorship

Verisign gets export approval

Denning backs away from GAK

excerpt from William P. Crowell

ASK ToolKit Clarifications

Quote of the day (fwd)

Beware free ‘gifts’

Re: SMTP Encryption Extension

Source code obfuscation

Technology ‘secures’ gunfire [CNN]


If you fought to defend your country…

Re: Mobile phones used as trackers

Re: Guns: H&K, G3, 7.62 v 5.56 [Guns] (fwd)

cypherpunks and guns

Revenge on the Nerds -Maureen on a rampage

Driver Licenses

Surveillance of police raids…

IE Frees Crypto

Re: FC: Forget Internet restrictions – how about banning TV?

cryptographically secure mailing list software

Cypherpunks defeat?

IP: Different Approaches to Privacy Issue: OECD

VANGUARD: An Election About Nothing? (fwd)

Question about general patents

Re: I want to spam the Jury Duty information