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Good random seeds

Good random seeds

Brute Force and Smart Force

NYT on Netscape Crack

Commercial RSAref

Re: Another Netscape Bug (and possible security hole) Books – personal notification service (fwd)

Re: macworld crypto articles

Re: Security Update news release


One-Time-Pad generation from audio device

Re: WHERE did this come from?

Keyserver keyrings

subjective names and MITM

Certificate proposal

Microsoft encryption

Re: Crypto’s Role in Evil?

java security concerns

Re: Certificate proposal


Re: NYT on Internet Flaws

netscape 2 certification authorities

IDEA algorithm

Re: IDEA algorithm

OneTimePasswd (not Pad)

Re: Anonymity: A Modest Proposal

Re: digital cash and identity disclosure

Don’t Kill the Messenger–A New Slant on Remailers

Quick commercial package question

Netscape Logic Bomb detailed by IETF

RE: using pgp to make an otp


Joining The Mailing List

Re: Why Netscape employees should not leave

Java musings

Escrow expectations

Anyone know of a white paper on security?

Re: More FUD from First Virtual

Re: More FUD from First Virtual

ex encrypted script

Re: CFS and Linux

Boston talk on offshore banks

Why is blowfish so slow? Other fast algorithms?

(fwd) e$: PBS NewsHour, Path Dependency, IPSEC, Cyberdog, and the Melting of Mr.Bill.

Re: AT&T Public Policy Research – hiring for cypherpunks issues

Re: AT&T Public Policy Research – hiring for cypherpunks

Re: A brief comparison of email encryption protocols

Re: PGP 3.0/4.0

MOSS vs. S/MIME vs. PGP/MIME Matrix (fwd)

Info on DES crypto program

Re: Remailer chain length?

Norton Eyes only

USA on Feds Cyberteam

Re: How can you protect a remailer’s keys?

Re: Security of PGP if Secret Key Available?

The Molson Great Web Anonymizer

Re: Safemail

Fastest DES?

Bad Signatures

AT&T bans anonymous messages

MS-Mail Security

crypto and bagpipes [NOISE]

Computer-Aided Revolution

Re: Restrictions on crypto overseas

Can’t block caller ID in Massachusetts?

Re: Execution of signed scripts received by e-mail

d.Comm: Your Login Information (fwd)

Netscape download requirements

(fwd) Re: US versions of Netscape now available—NOT

Re: Netscape download requirements

RE: ABC news on Internet Telephony

Length of passphrase beneficial?

A Snake-Oil FAQ

Re: Length of passphrase beneficial?

Credit Card to eCash

DES-Busting Screen Savers?

Re: Brute Force DES

Data Sources for DES Breaking

My Cypherpunk Patriotism

Re: Digital Watermarks (long, getting off-topic)

Freeh Testimony 7/25/96

Re: FPGAs and Heat (Re: Paranoid Musings)

Integrating PGP 3.0 Library with INN

Re: Internal Passports

F2 hash?

Crypto Interface in Netscape


Re: F2 hash?

Re: (Off Topic) Re: FCC_ups

SSL / Java(tm) Toolkit Available NOW (fwd)

Fw: Re: Free Pronto Secure Offer

Securing Internet mail at the MTA level

Code Review Guidelines (draft)

Whistleblowing on the Internet

Conservation Laws, Money, Engines, and Ontology

[Noise] Hardware encryption devices?

Re: How to use procmail


“The Bill of Rights can be dangerous….”


What is best policy paper on crypto?

Re: ISODE Consortium X.509 Certification system

Re: Reputation in action

Re: J’accuse!: Whitehouse and NSA vs. Panix and VTW

Re: The GAK Momentum is Building…

Systems/Communications Security Positions in the South Bay

Cellular Industry rejects US plan for surveillance

Where to write crypto?

Macintosh Mixmaster port… Who’s doing it?

Re: Macintosh Mixmaster port… Who’s doing it?

Re: Evolving algorithm for faster brute force key searches?

RE: Where to write crypto?

Internet File System?

Taking crypto out of the U.S.

Banning annoying users

Re: Taking crypto out of the U.S.

PGP plugin for Netscape?

Mitsubishi MISTY LSI

ssh - How widely used?

RE: LivePGP (fwd)

(Firewalls) Where is that Snake Oil FAQ again?


Re: Clipper III on the table

Re: Can we kill single DES?

Re: ADJ_ust

Re: Clipper spin [was Re:Flood Warning]

Re: pgp, edi, s/mime

SPA sues C2, other ISPs and users

PGP implements Key Recovery today!

Re: exporting signatures only/CAPI (was Re: Why not PGP?)

[Book] The Cobweb

Re: exporting signatures only/CAPI (was Re: Why not PGP?)

Re: FLY_not

RE: RE: Binding cryptography - a fraud-detectible alternative to

SKIP cryptanalysis?

Re: Finally – A crypto question from me…HD encryption

Netscape Show - Security API

Netescrow & Remailers?

Sybase questions

Re: considering internet/privacy periodical


Dimacs workshop on network threats?

free SSL CAs?

MCI/BT, who gets the taps?

British Telecom merger with MCI

Re: Information

Bruce’s ‘Why Cryptography Is Hard’ is still draft

PGP3.0 & ElGamal

Members of Parliament Problem

Re: Why is cryptoanarchy irreversible?

[POLITICS] Re: Members of Parliament Problem

Re: Members of Parliament Problem

A New Crypto Announcement–Could be Ominous

Re: San Jose Mercury News declares encryption battle over

RFC: A UNIX crypt(3) replacement

Re: Rogue Governments Issuing Policy Tokens

Re: 1996 Codebreakers

Finjan “SurfinGate”

RE: Mass-market crypto phones

Re: Why I Don’t Read SF Much Anymore

Star Trek: First Contact

Sound card as a random number source ??

Israel crypto restrictions

TIA Invites

Re: Anon


New export controls to include code signing applications



ITARs effects

IMPORTANT: Changes affecting privacy

RE: Securing ActiveX.

Earl Edwin Pitts, $224,000

Re: Credentials without Identity–Race Bits

Re: Legality of requiring credit cards?


RE: Encryption Algorithms

Building PGP on Freebsd?

Zippy, anonymously

No Subject

benefits of EAR (not)?

Naive Export Question

Social Security/CommerceNet/PitneyBowes try digital signature W-2’s

Re: Airport security [no such thing]

Re: Airport security [no such thing]

RE: Newt’s phone calls

Re: Newt’s phone calls

P.S. David Kahn’s editorial today

Re: P.S. David Kahn’s editorial today

[Noise] From The Onion

[Noise] From The Onion

Re: Encrypting ZIP disks

Re: Encrypting ZIP disks

Re: Encrypting ZIP disks

Re: Encrypting ZIP disks



Re: “Strong” crypto and export rule changes.

Re: “Strong” crypto and export rule changes.

Re: PCS Encryption?

New X-Ray Imager

Re: New X-Ray Imager

Transparent Cryptographic File System (fwd)

Transparent Cryptographic File System (fwd)

Re: Passphrase generation

Re: Passphrase generation

Re: Moderation experiment almost over; “put up or shut up”

Re: Moderation experiment almost over; “put up or shut up”

Re: anonymity and e-cash

Re: Cypherpunks Distributed Remailer (fwd)

whois ?

Re: Cypherpunks Distributed Remailer (fwd)

Re: whois ?

Re: anonymity and e-cash

Openmarket/128 bit export?

Openmarket/128 bit export?

Re: Procmail during the transition, anyone?

Re: Procmail during the transition, anyone?

Re: Good Bye Cypherpunks!

Re: Good Bye Cypherpunks!

Why keep that cash in the US?

ONK?: SANS Network Security Digest?

Re: “why privacy” revisited

Re: “why privacy” revisited

RE: Hard to Tax Scenario

Privacy? Not in Canada!

Internet security code said vulnerable to hackers

David Friedman and assassination politics

US Citizens doing crypto work overseas

Re: Clinton Admin. to announce new Crypto regs

Admin Feigns Back Off On Crypto Bill

Re: `careerpunks’

Re: The War is Underway (fwd)

CC fingerprints

Sun to sell 3des from Russia

RFC 2144 on CAST-128 Encryption Algorithms (fwd)

Re: From Inter@ctive Week: Denning no longer backing key escrow?

With friends like these…

Flag burning vote TOMORROW and government-imposed ratings

Re: Impact of Netscape kernel hole

e$: Skins vs. Shirts

New PGP signatures

Who is going to HIP’97?

Verisign gets export approval

ESPN hacked – got info? (fwd)

Queen of Pseudononymity

Can’t touch this, ugly Americans! (PGP License file)

Prior Restraint on Publishers

Re: Mathematics > NSA + GCHQ

Re: FBI calls for mandatory key escrow; Denning on export ctrls

Mondex Broken

Pearl Harbor Aggression (Was: 6 USAF Crashes in 7 days = InfoWar? (fwd)

Not worried? You will be… (fwd from Yucks)

Plea from a parent who wants to keep their kid free of SSNs

Re: Internet Via Electric Lines?

Japan’s Constitution and GAK

Re: What Will Revolution Look Like?

Re: Privacy Software

Re: Protocols for Insurance to Maintain Privacy

Minor Language Note

Re: cryptx spam - des-based program.

Why put up with KRAP?

Re: Remailer Trivia / Re: Singapore & Freedom (fwd)

How about a Bay Area meeting 1/17/98?

A gauntlet thrown down by PC-Magic?

Re: Comparing PGP to Symantec’s Secret Stuff

Re: UK spooks invent RSA, DH in 1973

Re: Frank Olson

Re: Best Cypherpunk War Text

Re: Silly Shrinkwrapped Encryption

Re: (eternity) autonomous agents

javasoft password?


Re: Misty??? (fwd)

Netscape 5 will be GPL’ed

Forbiden Library soon to open to the public (fwd)

NYTimes web cookies

Video & cryptography…

Re: Video & cryptography… (fwd)

Can someone look this up? (fwd)

BSAFE 4.0 to force GAK?!

Re: Feds Approve Bank to Certify Digital Signatures

Re: Most elegant wording against privacy/law-enforcement “balance”

No Subject

RE: I was auto-outed by an IMG tag in HTML spam

Secure Cell Phones for State

“Lawful access” vs warrants: I found the difference today!

Schneier on Smartcards and Holding Secrets

Commerce Echelon

Covert Access to Data and ID

iz it

Re: cypherpunks archive

SecDef on Crypto, Privacy

ArcotSign (was Re: Does security depend on hardware?)

Re: GPL & commercial software, the critical distinction (fwd)

Re: GPL & commercial software, the critical distinction (fwd)

Anguilla in the news

NT 5.0 and EFS – A victory for widespread use of crypto?

My citizenship renunciation made difficult

TEMPEST Laptop from Wang


Lecture Notes in Computer Science - free online Access

NSA Org Chart