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Re: The Science Generations

RE: Secure Erase for PCs?

Java DES breaker?

Re: Patriots should use PGP



NSA/UKUSA Echelon: Exposing the Global Surveillance System

Re: Java DES breaker?

ASM vs portable code [WAS: Re: Java DES breaker?]


Hard to Tax Scenario

RE: Securing ActiveX.

RE: Securing ActiveX.

Code+Data separation

Executing Encrypted Code

Re: Executing Encrypted Code

Re: Executing Encrypted Code

Re: Credentials without Identity–Race Bits

Re: Executing Encrypted Code

Reflections on the Bernstein ruling

domestic laws/policies

Password Keystroke Snarfer Programs

Democracy, yeah right.

New crypto regs outlaw financing non-US development

Hardening lists against spam attacks


No Subject

Re: Legality of requiring credit cards?

Re: Relative Strength of 40-bit Crypto Implementations

Re: Sandy and I will run a cypherpunks “moderation” experiment in Jan

Re: [IDEA] Cypherpunks Super Computer (was Re: The Upcoming DES Challenge)

Re: A vote of confidence for Sandy

Re: A vote of confidence for Sandy

Airport security [no such thing]

Re: Newt’s phone calls

RE: Newt’s phone calls

Re: Newt’s phone calls

Server Authentication

Re: GSM crypto upgrade? (was Re: Newt’s phone calls)

Re: GSM crypto upgrade? (was Re: Newt’s phone calls)

Re: Sandy and the Doc

Microsoft ammunition

Re: Microsoft ammunition

Re: Analysis of proposed UK ban on use of non-escrowed crypto.

some arguments for privacy

Re: David Friedman and assassination politics

Re: Cato forum on liquor advertising and electronic media

House subcom. passes crypto bill, USDoJ letter to panel

Re: SAFE Bill discussion

Re: Bypassing the Digicash Patents

Re: Chaum steps down as CEO of Digicash

Re: Bypassing the Digicash Patents

Spam Update/Cyber Promo attacked

Eternity server considerations and musings

Re: Dr. Vulis

SAFE vote and cutting crypto-deals, report from House Judiciary

The Inducement of Rapid Oxidation of Certain Materials in or Near Government Buildings

BOUNCE cypherpunks@Algebra.COM: Admin request of type /^\swhich\s+\S+\s$/i at line 6 (fwd)

Cypherpunk criminalization

Judge bans Internet gambling company from operating in Missouri

Re: Nym Servers

Webpage picketing?…

Re: Comments on the Macintosh

[OFF-TOPIC] Naming systems…


Spam costs and questions


RE: McVeigh? Nimrods…..

TV Commercial

Re: Responses to “Spam costs and questions” (long)

Feds have lost battle against encryption

Re: June 18th SF C’punks meeting: export controls on trial

Flag Burning…

There’s no general right to privacy – get over it, from Netly

Re: Impact of Netscape kernel hole

Award from Computer Press Ass’n (shameless self-congratulation)

Re: Senate panel nixes ProCODE II, approves McCain-Kerrey bill

Re: spam on this list

digital signature software

Comparing Cryptographic Key Sizes II

Rep. Lofgren on McCain/Kerrey (good. long.)

Marc Andreessen on encryption and CDA

Re: Dr. Dobbs Cryptography and Security CD-ROM


Re: Dr. Dobbs Cryptography and Security CD-ROM

The Recent Trend in “Collective Contracts”

Electronic commerce has long way to go

Making Imaginary Sex Illegal

The Censorware Summit: A Preview, from The Netly News

Verisign gets export approval

Something of Interest (fwd)

CDT’s Berman Opposes Online Anonymity

Cops, Spies Fail to Slow Crypto Bill

CDT, RSACi, and “public service” groups (1/3)

Welfare Solution #389

Re: The Real Bell Issue / Re: Bell, etc

Re: Monkey Wrench into the works

Re: gephardt slams crypto regs

Europe puts pressure on FCC over accounting rate moves

Smoking and IDs

Louis Freeh’s Desire for Domestic “Key Recovery”

Big Brother is watching

Re: Political News from Wired News

RE: House National Security committee guts SAFE, worse than no bill

Re: More on House Intelligence committee amendment on crypto

Re: The problem of playing politics with our constitutional rights

House Intelligence Committee Press Release

Key Recovery is Bad for US Security

Federal motivation

Preparing the Remnant for the far side of the crisis

New Computer Security Act

Re: The Telcos oppose Oxley

Plea from a parent who wants to keep their kid free of SSNs

Chutzpah! FBI Calls Privacy Extremists Elitist

Re: Digital Postage (fwd)

Why? (fwd)

Secure HTTP servers.

Re: Why? (fwd)

Re: “Show me an example of terrorists using the Internet or crypto”

Re: New PGP “Everything the FBI ever dreamed of”

Re: Stronghold (fwd)

Re: Secure phone

Re: russia_1.html

Bill Of No Rights

Re: [LONG, off-topic]] Interactive Programming

What’s really in PGP 5.5?

Re: russia_1.html

Defeating MITM with Eric’s Secure Phone

CAK as a really bad form of corporate networking

Re: Defeating MITM with Eric’s Secure Phone

Why Corporate Message Recovery isn’t Key Escrow

CMR paves the road to GAK, and provides no corporate security.

proposal: commercial data recovery


Interactive Programming - Self-modifying code

Request for expert opinion and Feedback

key recovery meeting/demonstration in DC, 11/5

DEA trying to subpoena book dealers

Re: Clinton’s Bigger Gun Ban

Re: Taxing Churches for their views? Bad idea.

Re: Privacy Software

WARNING: Serious Pentium Bug

Mad as Hell

Re: Exporting crypto from Japan

Report on UN conference on Internet and racism

Superdistribution development/release

hashcash spam prevention & firewalls

Re: hashcash spam prevention & firewalls (fwd)

Re: Comparing PGP to Symantec’s Secret Stuff


Re: Making them eat their words… (while they watch!)

Silly Shrinkwrapped Encryption

Lessig on antitrust and government regulation

autonomous agents

Re: Talk of Banning Research into Human Cloning (fwd)

Electric Communities notion of identity

call for proposals: “Media, Democracy and the Public Sphere” inJune 1998

Gore Commission wants to regulate the Net like broadcast

RIP, Carl Gorman, Code Talker

Re: the best justice money can buy –Lessig (fwd)

How to TEMPEST for less

VanEck, Noise, & Palmtops…

Re: “Corporations selling your ass down the road for a dollar”

Is CDMF secure?

Will New Sendmail Block Remailers?

Position escrow

U.S. Navy caught hacking into British marine charity Web site

HPC Report

Re: U.S. Navy caught hacking into British marine charity Web site

Skipjack extensibility


Questions for Magaziner?

Re: I thought of an initialy regulated industry!… (fwd)

Re: propose: `cypherpunks license’ (Re: Wanted: Twofish source code)

Re: log files (was: Re: dbts: Cryptographic Dog Stocks, The Dirigible Biplane, and Sending the Wizards Back to Menlo Park )

Re: TEMPEST laptops

SIGH… NOT!! THC tainted oranges

Could E.M. Cordian be Matt Blaze in Disguise? (Nah!)

RE: I must admit. . .

Re: CyberScam