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internet pricing paper


prototype reputation system READY

privacy in Unix environment

reputation credit 3/3

WWWing cypherpunks

Dr. Seuss, Technical Writer

speeding detected by civilians

highway monitoring

cypherpunk “Zen” victories

science foundation interested in anonymity

“grouplens”: reputation system, groupware, etc.

Phillip Elmer Dewitt: “I screwed up”

anonymity review in law journal

“The Future does not Compute”

internet reporter’s guide

hot Foster news

PRZ encrypted voice software release imminent

Re: PRZ encrypted voice software release imminent

Re: PRZ encrypted voice software release imminent

some points on weak codes

new o’reilly security book

nontoxic neuron interface built

NSA into antigravity?

SSL keyspace etc.

Crypto ‘95: Robert Morris

pseudonyms & list health

maximizing cryptographic return

Another Son of Clipper discussion paper

Internet commerce mtg, Denver

crypto confrontation

Re: Whitehouse “dissident” web site monitoring?

AOL monitoring

netscape bug

cypherpunks press releases/contact list: YES!! DO IT!!


PM’s Netscape rant

Re: Cypherpunks Press release

Web “places” and the media monsters

java security & the cypherpunk agenda

proposal: “security spectrum scale” (SSS)

Re: proposal: “security spectrum scale” (SSS)

The NSA Visits Compendium

Chaum’s cash: backup?

newsweek oct 30 Levy digital cash article

groupware position available in Boston

Re: newsweek oct 30 Levy digital cash article

on topic!!

“The Policeman Inside”

Re: “Industry Group Rebuffs U.S. on Encryption”

the revolution of microcurrency

credit card conventional wisdom

Re: credit card conventional wisdom (fwd)

Whitehouse PROFS email privacy case

break microsoft!!!

key escrow compromise

More Balto Sun on the NSA: Infowar

Political Cleanup program

on web standards: sent to Markoff

a new idea: stocks == currency

proposal for new cyber abbreviation

another anonymous poster helping to destroy our rights

Can We Cut the Crap?

CIA intelligence info

Re: NYT’s Unmuzzling the Internet

No Subject

Re: “Deterrence”

Re: Hammill 1987 speech

SSN collection prank

Net Control is Thought Control

Re: Net Control is Thought Control

PRZ “battle lost”

RE: Net Control is Thought Control

remarkable recent stories

FW: Net Control is Thought Control


Crypto Exports, Europe, and Conspiracy Theories

RE: RANT: cypherpunks do NSA’s job for them!!

Re: more RANTING about NSA-friendly cpunks

Re: more RANTING about NSA-friendly cpunks

RE: more RANTING about NSA-friendly cpunks

Vladimir: put up or shut up

“internet underground” magazine

internet underground www address

True democracy the electronic way

Re: True democracy the electronic way

“wisecrackers” by Levy in March Wired

book idea: info terrorism/espionage etc.

steganographic trick

rhetorical trickery

Re: rhetorical trickery

Re: steganographic trick

Re: rhetorical trickery

Re: rhetorical trickery

Venona NSA web page

Mr Emmett Page, Asst. Sect. Defense, CCCI

Microsoft’s “answer” to Java

Re: So, what crypto legislation (if any) is necessary?

Why NSA is afraid that ITARs will be thrown out in court

java: vending machine software (long)

Re: So, what crypto legislation (if any) is necessary?

myths of software “standards” (long)

No Subject

Lotus notes 24 bit hack project?

Digital Cash Escrow

Money supply is fake anyway

Any examples of mandatory content rating?

RSA-130 Falls to NFS - Lenstra Posting to sci.crypt.research

Java, distributed OO revision control

Mindshare and Java

CryptoAnarchy: What’s wrong with this picture?

“Scruffies” vs. “Neats”

proposed anti-pseudospoofing law in Georgia

PICS & CyberAngels

Re: PICS & CyberAngels

PICS: cyberratings, not censorship

Re: misunderstandings of PICS

Transitive trust and MLM

Re: misunderstandings of PICS

Re: misunderstandings of PICS

Mandatory Voluntary Self-Ratings

RE: self-ratings vs. market ratings

Re: Mandatory Voluntary Self-Ratings

RE: self-ratings vs. market ratings

Publicity on PICS

Re: Mandatory Voluntary Self-Ratings

Re: Mandatory Voluntary Self-Ratings

Re: Mandatory Voluntary Self-Ratings

Civil liberties of employees (Re: FYB_oss)

More involuntary c’punk subscriptions on the way?

The Crisis with Remailers


(Fwd) Re: TCM: mafia as a paradigm for cyberspace

Re: (Fwd) Re: TCM: mafia as a paradigm for cyberspace

Re: (Fwd) Re: TCM: mafia as a paradigm for cyberspace

Re: (Fwd) Re: TCM: mafia as a paradigm for cyberspace

Re: (Fwd) Re: TCM: mafia as a paradigm for cyberspace

“Key Escrow without Escrow Agents”


[SCARE]: “If you only knew what we know…”

The Anti-Briefing…

holographic remailing & the scientologists

online law– new book

biometric id

whitehouse web incident, viva la web revolution

Re: Java


Micropayments: myth?

whitehouse queries files on political enemies

microcurrency implementation

marketing “privacy”: a nonproblem?

Royalties (was “Re: Micropayments are Crap”, which is a boring s

info assembly line, “flits” (long)

RE: info assembly line, “flits” (long)

domain name zapping threat by Internic

fbi botches intel “ecspionage” case

Re: fbi botches intel “ecspionage” case

Re: fbi botches intel “ecspionage” case

The Net and Terrorism

whitehouse dossier database?

“gov runs anon remailers”

SAFE Forum–some comments

Re: The Net and Terrorism

blocking software & brock meeks

Re: The Net and Terrorism

DIAL: directed information assembly line

UK privacy case: Munden

Re: CDT Policy Post 2.27 - No New News on Crypto: Gore Restates

Surf-filter lists

Re: Surf-filter lists

NCs (network computers)

Re: Netscape

Dry Under the Waterfall

visual programming

“world communications being monitored”

forthcoming book on privacy

BlackNet as a Distributed, Untraceable, Robust Data Haven

MD5 completely broken!

Re: MD5 completely broken! – JOKE

Why BlackNet IS a Data Haven

Denning interview in Wired

What is the EFF doing exactly?

Re: What is the EFF doing exactly?

Re: What is the EFF doing exactly?

Re: What is the EFF doing exactly?

Voluntary Disclosure of True Names

Junk Phone Calls, Metered Usage, and Cellphones

O’Reilly supports secure web server standards

Re: Judge Kozinski Responds

Diffie Hellman - logs in Galois fields

The GAK Momentum is Building…

Re: The GAK Momentum is Building…


possible solution to cyber S/N

new mailing list: solving spam problem

gack vs. key escrow vs. key recovery

legality of wiretapping: a “key” distinction

DESCrack keyspace partitioning

Re: legality of wiretapping: a “key” distinction

Re: legality of wiretapping: a “key” distinction

challenging wiretap law

Re: legality of wiretapping: a “key” distinction

Re: legality of wiretapping: a “key” distinction

Government Denial of Service Attacks

mail software for multiple addrs

looking for old cpunk material

improving cpunk S/N via grouplens/filtering

Interesting article on ATM in Wired (of all places)

“censorship in cyberspace”???

“Fortune” article on crypto

list noise: a novel suggestion

“high noon on the electronic frontier”

Re: FW: Dr. Vulis is not on cypherpunks any more [RANT] (fwd)

Black markets vs. cryptoanarchy

DCSB: Money Laundering – The Headless Horseman of the Infocalypse

No Subject

Mykotronx update

Why PICS is the wrong approach

Untraceable Payments, Extortion, and Other Bad Things

Re: Untraceable Payments, Extortion, and Other Bad Things

Earl Edwin Pitts, $224,000

s/n problems on this list

microcurrency: Netscape vs. Microsoft

Re: microcurrency: Netscape vs. Microsoft

Re: microcurrency: Netscape vs. Microsoft

Re: microcurrency: Netscape vs. Microsoft

Re: microcurrency: Netscape vs. Microsoft

Netscape to use Cybercash?

c2 internet accounts

c2 internet accounts

Cats Out of Bags

Re: Cats Out of Bags

Re: Cats Out of Bags

Re: Cats Out of Bags

Re: Cats Out of Bags

Re: Cats Out of Bags

Re: Cats Out of Bags

Junger web site

Junger web site

IRS Can’t Compete

My Departure, Moderation, and “Ownership of the List”

Filling Power Vacuums

Govt & cyberspace

Re: My Departure, Moderation, and “Ownership of the List”

Re: Filling Power Vacuums

My messages not appearing on either of the lists?

automated moderation system

Re: My messages not appearing on either of the lists?

automated moderation system

Keep it Simple and the Cypherpunk Way

Re: Keep it Simple and the Cypherpunk Way

mainstream media corruption same as govt

Re: Rejecting Dialog with Government Vermin

counterTCM post

Java woes on compatibility

My editorial in Oregonian newspaper published today.

Disinformation in L.A.

The Inducement of Rapid Oxidation of Certain Materials in or Near Government Buildings

microstock market

Re: Disinformation in L.A.

Re: Just Say “No” to Congress

Surveillance State Delayed

Re: FCPUNX:McVeigh

Re: Impact of Netscape kernel hole

Kerrey bill introduced in Senate

new money systems

“how washington is strangling america”

fbi+eu mass wiretapping?


nsa+gchq spying operation

fbi wiretapping law runs into friction

EPIC letter to CNET.COM and the Internet Community (fwd)

“the sovereign individual” by davidson/rees mogg

y2k problem serious

Canada’s Entrust does end-run around ITAR

“A new battle over keeping the Net clean,” by J.Weber/LATimes

spam– a technological solution/proposal

New Thread? / Re: Apology from me to the list and TruthMonger

RSA shaken down for cash?

state power in cyberspace convention

first y2k lawsuit hits in london

CypherPunk Cults / Re: An end to “court appointed attorneys”

Bad CypherPunk! No privacy! / Re: PGP5i supports RSA keys?

gephardt slams crypto regs

Stewart Baker on Bernstein encryption decision (fwd)

on the social taboo/stigma

Political News from Wired News

Removing Tyranny from Democracy (Part II), was Democracy is thetrue enemy…

IRS tax reform y2k style

Preparing the Remnant for the far side of the crisis

money laundering book review

govt goes gun nuts

digital cash & politics

new intel verification circuit & crypto

“I have in my hand a working message recovery system”

NSA, Crypto AG, and the Iraq-Iran Conflict

plugin to sell digital files in cyberspace announced!!

Re: WARNING: Serious Pentium Bug

secret life of bill clinton

From the Files - Freeh and Flight 800

police state rumors

Censorware Summit 2.0, from The Netly News

NYTimes oped: Federal laws better than censorware

reno, encryption, rsa, etc. (softwar)

PRZ/PGP loses it

bernstein case hits appeals court

Kallstrom calls it quits

“24 hour cybercops”

technical spam prevention


world spy system

clinton slapped by judge

Why I Support Microsoft

globalization & the internet

Best Cypherpunk long gun

ron paul for prez

rant on the morality of confidentiality

Re: rant on the morality of confidentiality

Re: rant on the morality of confidentiality

Re: rant on the morality of confidentiality

Re: rant on the morality of confidentiality (fwd)

area 51, enviro crime, secrecy==abuse?

Re: rant on the morality of confidentiality

Re: rant on the morality of confidentiality

RE: rant on the morality of confidentiality

ashcroft on encryption


movie “good will hunting”

Will bureaucrats turn the Net into TV? Note from FCC

Sucking Sound…

EPR, Bell, and FTL Bandwidth (fwd)

orlin grabbe on digital cash

Re: News & Truth

Re: Websites and trademarks at odds [CNN]

Squelch discussions of the “spam problem”

Re: PLO censoring pro-Iraqi sentiments

y2k: 37% govt computers

nsa police & ammunition theft

“deadbeat parents”

Internet is rickety

Re: Snakes of Medusa torment Larry Detweiler

digital sig bill

clinton digital signing

wired on y2k

Citizenship silliness. Re: e$: crypto-expatriatism

internet monitoring, UK

Mitnick wants cyphertext; gov’t wants keys

IP: ISPI Clips 4.25:UK Police May Soon Tap Your Email & Internet Use At Will

IP: Machine Vision For Biometric Applications

[FP] FW: Bill to Limit Nat’l ID Plan

IP: [FP] Congress’s Secret Plans to Get Our Medical Records

IP: [FP] FW: Americans love a police state

IP: “ Will Y2K usher in TEOTWAWKI?”

IP: Industrial Espionage Increases as Firms Seek Competitive Edge

IP: [Fwd: Govt.Storing MRE’s In Caves]

SCADA in power grid

IP: Casual Talk Can Produce Wealth of Corporate Intelligence Data

IP: FTC: Internet merchant barred for life from “net-based” commerce

If there’s a trial will some of us be witnesses?

Joe Cypherpunk

Impossible Analysis Paper at Crypto98

SNET: [FP] Alaska: Nearly 93% of new parents choose Enumeration At Birth (EAB)

IP: The big blackout?

IP: [FP] Smart Cards – Public Acceptance?

IP: [FP] FW: CA Fingerprinting legislation

IP: Looming Y2k Crisis

IP: Web-sites for Starr’s report on Clinton

SNET: Plans for internet banks in Australia, says Ernst & Young

IP: Web sites preparing for Starr report onslaught

IP: Privacy: Companies admit spying on staff

Re: Clinton’s fake apologies

IP: British Openly Prepare for Y2K Martial Law

IP: Y2K: 316,862 Reasons Why FedReserve Won’t Make It

IP: Two Reporters Attacked at Governor’s Rally*

IP: Germ sabotage scare empties city buildings-Australia

IP: Vote on Clinton

IP: Impeachment Petition

SNET: (Fwd) Radio Show on CIA

SNET: National ID Cards- world wide phenomenon

IP: DNA-Powered Computers: Patent Received

SNET: [FP] FW: Want to Travel? Not W/O Your Biometric Passport

SNET: [FP] FW: Arkansas: Digital/Biometric Drivers License System

IP: [Fwd: Newspapers that have called for President Clinton’sresignation.]

SNET: U.S. Patent Programmable subcutaneous visible implant

SNET: U S Patent: Identification system

IP: White House decision affects e-mail scrambling software

IP: Digital Biometrics Awarded Rhode Island State Contract

IP: **British Police Attempt To Sidestep E-mail Protection

IP: Biometrics: SAC Tech: Complete Electronic Security Solution

IP: Redesigned $20 Bills Debut Sept. 24

SNET: Satellite offers spy pictures by credit card

IP: Pentagon may modify websites

IP: Tracking: DNA database in Okla.

IP: School bans `no rules’ T-shirt

IP: Tougher laws are sought to seize cash

IP: Huge Philly Terrorist Drill Yesterday

IP: Terrorism is Shifting Threat to U.S.

IP: ID proposal raises privacy concerns

IP: [FP] Ohio gets Computerized Fingerprint System

IP: [BioWeekly_Email] Announcement

IP: Hackers-turned-consultants see business boom

IP: Pentagon curbs Web content

IP: Use of SWAT Teams on the Rise

IP: Crypto Controls Threaten Human Rights

IP: “Bioarmageddon”

IP: IRS official predicts Y2K snafus

IP: [Spooks] CIA Losing Its Best Operatives

IP: Killed by Police? Keep it Secret

IP: UK: Microchips & Animal Passports for Pets

IP: Hacker editor rides herd on unruly institution

IP: IRS, White House above the law? by Joseph Farah

IP: Clinton Computer Exports Compromise Nat’l Security

IP: ISPI Clips 4.47:Russian Big Brother covets all the E-mail

IP: Police seek to intercept emails without warrant: UK

IP: US Easing Bank Rules on Big Cash Transactions

Key Goal for UN: Accelerating Fight Against Terrorism

new sci am articles on encryption

IP: Biometric Signature for “Forms w/o Paper”

IP: Privacy: FTC Losing Patience w/Business

IP: Fwd: SHOWDOWN AT THE FCC (Microbroadcasting)

IP: Biometric Security Showcased at Int’l Conference

IP: National ID

IP: Y2K Horror Stories a Foretaste of Breakdowns to Come

IP: NSA listening practices called European`threat’

IP: Funny Money: New $20 FRNs are here

clinton body count

IP: ISPI Clips 4.73: Europeans Bristle Over NSA’s ECHELON-So Should You

IP: Analysis of a Hack: Why was NYT Different?

IP: Why is This Important? Read: The Politics of Hacking

IP: Oh, I feel sooooo much better now…..

IP: Here it Comes! E-Privacy Dispute Could Go to WTO

IP: ISPI Clips 4.70:Canadian Internet Providers Draft Privacy Code

IP: The virtual president


IP: Military’s secret plans for civilian ‘preparedness’

IP: [FP] National registry to track child support

IP: Group ‘No Privacy for Privacy Hypocrites’ Surveys Congress

IP: Fwd: [Spooks] NSA Allegedly Spied on Businesses

IP: Fwd: [Spooks] CIA Operative sentenced to five years imprisonment

IP: NSA listening practices called European `threat’

IP: Senate Passes Y2K Liability Limitation Bill

IP: Innovative Approach to Biometric ID Authentication

IP: Army goes offline in reaction to Pentagon order

IP: Secret Courts Approve More Wiretapping

IP: Chinese Govt Bans Controversial Clinton Book

IP: Courts OK record number of wiretaps

IP: Big Brother Is Monitoring Us by Databases - Sept. PSR - Part 1

IP: Navy investigating GSU computer hacker

IP: The Great Superterrorism Scare

IP: FW: Release: seizing money

IP: Attn Should Turn to ‘Buying of Congress’

[FP] FW: NID Repeal Possible

EduFUD: Computers, software can harm emotional, social development

microcurrency proposal

IP: Clear and present danger: FIGHT AGAINST NATIONAL ID CARD

IP: [Part 1 & 2] THE IMPERIAL PRESIDENCY By David M. Bresnahan

Casio Computer offers 1,000,000 Yen encryption challenge

IP: Europe’s Echelon eavesdropping exposed

IP: ISPI Clips 5.9: Canada Frees Up Crypto–WIRED

IP: ISPI Clips 5.10: ‘Deadbeat’ Parents Database Goes on Line

IP: ISPI Clips 5.11: Canada Weighs in on Crypto–CNET

IP: Wired News - The Golden Age of Hacktivism

IP: ISPI Clips 5.12: New Fingerprint Chip - Protection vs. Privacy

IP: Got a Cause and a Computer? You Can Fight City Hall

IP: ISPI Clips 5.13: Identity Theft is Huge & Growing

IP: CNS - Justice Department Seeks Expanded Power

money parable

IP: New Surveillance Face Mapping System

IP: Worth Reading: Fwd from Gary North: Y2K

IP: Y2K- a futurist view: Society not resilient enough to withstand

IP: “Big Brother” Watches “Big Brother”

IP: “The Internet 1998: The end of the beginning”

IP: SOROS: Must have economic “third way”

IP: ISPI Clips 5.15:Privacy Conference Announcement

IP: Did EU Scuttle Echelon Debate?

IP: Heavy Leonid meteor shower threatens communications

IP: Spycam City: The surveillance society: part one

IP: Fwd: [Spooks] CIA needs spies. Care to join?

IP: Cyberwar: Proper Vigilance Or Paranoia?

IP: Borderless World Talks, E-commerce

IP: Neural Computer to Rival Brain???

IP: House Passes Roving Wiretaps, Expanding Federal Surveillance Powers

IP: ISPI Clips 5.25: TRUSTe Brings Privacy Home

IP: ISPI Clips 5.26: Coalition Announces Intiative for Online Privacy

IP: ISPI Clips 5.24: Privacy Campaign Plods Ahead

IP: Cashless CompuBank Launches Today Nationwide

IP: White House Accused of Data Theft

IP: ISPI Clips 5.29: What’s on Your Hard Drive That The Delete Didn’t Delete?

IP: Canadian Military Ready for Y2K Meltdown

IP: Privacy, Other Issues Post Difficulty for E-Commerce Meeting

IP: A Poll / A Thousand Lies (satire)

IP: Different Approaches to Privacy Issue: OECD

IP: Oops! Police Fire Tear Gas Into Wrong House

IP: This Country Needs to Come to a Screeching Halt!

nonviolent AP variant

IP: Tracking: Machines to Check Airline Bags Mostly Idle, Report Says

IP: ISPI Clips 5.30: U.S. lawmakers approve major wiretap law change

IP: Secret Marine training mission startles residents

IP: Tracking: F.B.I.’s new national DNA database

IP: ISPI Clips 5.32: FBI & Privacy Advocates Battling Over Wiretapping

IP: Tracking: NYT on FBI’s Nat’l DNA Database

IP: “The Billion Dollar Terror Rumor”

IP: Fw: Every word on the Internet is recorded for ALL time

IP: ISPI Clips 5.35: F.B.I. Set to Begin Using National DNA Database

IP: Privacy Fears: FBI’s DNA Database

IP: FBI Intentionally Obstructing Justice: TWA800

Re: ATTN: BlackNet, sog’s keys 4 sale

IP: Surveillance: Candid camera for criminals

IP: Fwd: 10/13/98 MSNBC Special Report on Chem/Bio Attack; Tonight

IP: The Road to Biometric IDs: Identity Theft

IP: ISPI Clips 5.42: Poll Shows 75% of Canadians Worry About Internet privacy

IP: ISPI Clips 5.38: TRUSTe is Creating a New Child Privacy Program


IP: ISP not liable for customer’s messages

IP: ** National ID Alert - Again **

IP: ISPI Clips 5.47: High-Tech Spying Gear Not Just For 007

IP: Silent Weapon of Mass Destruction

IP: FCC To Propose Resolving Digital Wiretap Debate

IP: ISPI Clips 5.50: National ID postponed until 1999

IP: ISPI Clips 5.51: Your Online Profile–Where You Go, What You Buy–Is Vulnerable

IP: FBI Says Some U.S. Cities Vulnerable To Attack

IP: Tracking: Bar Codes/Elec.Tags for License Plates

IP: ATTN: Does Any Listee Have Eye-Witness Report???

IP: ISPI Clips 5.49: More on The FBI’s New Wiretap Authority

IP: One-Stop Shopping for Anti-Terrorism Aid

IP: ‘Intelligent’ computer matches mugshots w/ faces in a crowd

IP: Tracking: Plastic Passports w/Biometric Confirmation of ID

IP: Fwd: Evaluation of Vehicle Stopping Prototype (“Kill Switch”)

IP: High-tech Anti-crime Computer Unveiled

IP: WEBSITE: Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT)

IP: [FP] National ID back on table?

IP: Brave New World of Implants

IP: Privacy Under Threat

IP: Former FBI Workers File Whistleblower Suit

IP: Biometric Weekly: 10-19-98

IP: Privacy Rules Send U.S. Firms Scrambling

echelon in UK

IP: Enhanced Ability to Tap Cell Phones

IP: FCC Proposes Rules for Cellular Wiretaps

IP: Senate Passes Forward-Looking Electronic Signatures Bill

anonymous remailers, network computer, singles sites, etc.

capitalism run amuck by Korton

IP: Europe May Block Flow of Internet Data With US

IP: ISPI Clips 5.69: EU Law Aims to Protect Privacy of Personal Data

IP: ISPI Clips 5.68: No Data Flow Disruption Between EU & US–at Least for Now

IP: CIA admits drug trafficking, cover-up

IP: Cell phone tapping stirs debate

IP: [FP] Microsoft puts smart card on table

IP: ‘Grass-Roots’ Lobbyists Unrobed as AT&T

IP: Bioterrorism: America’s Newest War Game

cohen predicts army patrols US streets

IP: Wanted: Y2K Workers

IP: Electronic March

IP: Crypt Wars, UK-Style

IP: ECHELON: America’s Spy in the Sky

IP: No dirty trick, just a computer program let loose

IP: DNA bank launched as science spending rises

IP: Congress to Get Echelon Briefing

IP: New Evidence Exposes Vince Foster Murder

IP: One Million Sign Petition to Kill IRS Code

IP: FCC Proposes Location Tracking for Wireless Phones

IP: Thousands to Demand Removal of Clinton at ‘March for Justice’ -Oct 31

IP: Internet Allows Lies to Spread Far and Wide

IP: Cyber force behind protest

network computers, web TV, java

Re: network computers, web TV, java

IP: Privacy: Dangers of security measures


IP: Sen. Moynihan Warns of Y2K Catastrophe

IP: More clinics receive “anthrax” letters as authorities await results

IP: FBI: Anthrax Threat Likely a Hoax

IP: Anthrax Scare

IP: Farah: The cops are out of control

IP: 18-year-old rebels against being numbered

IP: ISPI Clips 6.03: Privacy Here and Abroad

IP: [FP] The DoD DNA Registry and Specimen Repository

IP: Fatal Flaws: How military misled about Agent Orange

MS “halloween” doc, vs. linux

IP: ISPI Clips 6.05: U. of T. Students Question Smartcard Technology & Privacy

IP: [FP] L.A. DMV Tries to Stem the Tide of Fake Licenses

IP: ISPI Clips 6.14: Anonymous eCash Provider-DigiCash-Files Chapter 11

IP: Crunch Time for Y2K Suppliers

IP: Discover Alien Life With Your PC And SETI


IP: ISPI Clips 6.10: Washington to Seek Public’s Advice on EU Privacy Laws

IP: ISPI Clips 6.17: FCC Accepting Comments on Mandatory Cell Phone Tracking

Re: How to solve the tax problem w/o anarchy or force (fwd)

IP: NSA Threatens To “OUT” Republicans Over Hubbell Investigation

Re: How to solve the tax problem w/o anarchy or force

NPR is at it again…

IPINFO: Re: IP: Clinton Wants Loophole In U.S. Free Speech Closed

IP: Clinton Wants Loophole In U.S. Free Speech Closed

IP: WiredNews: Virus Thrives on HTML

IP: World’s biggest hard drive

IP: Clinton Point-Man on ‘Y2K’ is Low-Balling Magnitude of the Impending Crisis

IP: [FP] Scanner picks out criminals

IP: ISPI Clips 6.33: Patent May Threaten E-Privacy

y2k+nukes===???? (drudge)

IP: ISPI Clips 6.28: Wiretapping Internet Phone Lines

IP: Push for hearings on Echelon - Global spy system needs scrutiny, says rights group

IP: Wired News: Y2Kaboom?

IP: [FP] Governors push national ID plan - WND

IP: Stranger than fiction….

IP: U.S. Must Re-Think Strategy to Counter WMD Threat

IP: ISPI Clips 6.39: Fed May Give FBI Access to Your Internet Voice Calls & Email.

IP: ISPI Clips 6.38: NAI [PGP] FlipFlop Back to Pro Key Recovery Group

IP: Meteorites swarming toward us

IP: Text: Clinton Continues Nat’l Emergency on WMD

IP: ISPI Clips 6.37: Privacy Group Pushes For Hearings on ECHELON

IP: Feds Assault the Free Press

IP: 61% of IT Professionals Plan to Pull Money from Banks

CJ Update

the economist on cybercash

enemy of the state movie

salon article reply

old posts saved/archived/privacy article, salon

govt/business incest

german hacker death suspicious

y2k/gary north delusions

y2k+oil refineries

tyranny of corporations

wassenar crypto agrmt/wiretapping

libertarians advocate suing govt

spy cameras

[CTRL] Feds And FDIC To Monitor All Your Personal Financial Activities

lots of juicy y2k news


[CTRL] Y2K Fear May Trigger Early Panic

[CTRL] The Siege: PsyOps Movie Prepares U.S. for Martial Law

[CTRL] Polygamous Paradise!

[CTRL] Fwd: DNA Sample with Every Arrest

[CTRL] NSA Charter from Wiretap

major phone company & y2k

SNET: [Fwd: [FP] “Anti-government groups” fighting “anti-money laundering” regulation]

SNET: NYC’s top cop to outline DNA plan:

Friedman (The Younger) Sings…

SNET: A Little Humor

SNET: [Fwd: [FP] Biometric National ID Card Now A Reality]

SNET: United Nations plans SWAT team training to “control” citizens in Y2K crash

[FP] National “Know Your Banker” Campaign Kick-off

[FP] FDIC receives more than 6,000 comments

SNET: Biometric National ID Card Being issued NOW and used to track people

[FP] FW: GE - Icelandic DNA database

critique of capitalism/moore